Ron McNeil, CEO

Ron McNeil has been involved for 35 years in the environmental industry, is the inventor of the Triplex style liner system and is the owner of McNeil Technologies.  Ron has had approximately 200 US patent claims granted to him during several decades of designing and manufacturing products. 97 of these US patent claims are in the environmental industry. He personally has trained all Licensees on how to install the Triplex liner system. Ron not only invented the product, he designed the manufacturing facility, the installation truck equipment package, and writes the specifications and technical data. He also helps all the Licensees to calculate how to bid projects and accomplish unusual installations. He personally travels to difficult projects throughout the U.S. and Canada to assist Licensees or his own crews accomplish such projects.

Kathryn Jones

27 Years--Vice President of McNeil Technologies. Kathryn has worked in all phases of the company from research and development, accounting, extensive tradeshow marketing, safety training implementation as well as overall administration. She was instrumental in creating the initial design for the Triplex styled liners to insure proper fit and especially effective at devising computer programs to take field measurements and convert them into cutting patterns for the liners.

Carolyn Weaver

27 years--Carolyn currently works as the Office Manager and Marketing Director. She was with the company from conception and present when Ron McNeil installed his first liner. She managed the first manufacturing plant and actually sewed many of the liners in the early days. Carolyn has a Masters degree in English and is our company proofreader and document editor. She also meets with public works officials and engineering firms to promote the Triplex Liner system and attends industry trade shows.

Jesse Justice

10 years--Plant Manager.  Having started in 2007 in fiberglass liner production, Jesse has mastered every aspect of the manufacturing process including extracting field measurements and converting them into liner production. He oversees quality control of the products and ensures each liner meets he highest of standards. Jesse is readily available for Licensee consults via phone or email assisting with product information. He also coordinates with the Licensees when special manufacturing requirements are necessary due to complicated or irregular structures.

Kevin Worley

11 years--Assistant Plant Manager. Kevin has worked with the company in numerous capacities including construction of the fiberglass liners. He now specializes in the heat-sealing process and inflation bladder production. He also oversees the packaging and shipping of the Licensee’s order. Kevin is excellent at training new employees. He is both a dedicated and inspirational leader. It is typical for Kevin to work more hours per week than any other employee.

Kenny Sasser

15 years—Master installer and trainer of Licensees. Kenny has been involved in the most difficult projects throughout the US and Canada. He has personally helped the company and many Licensees with very difficult projects. His construction background is extensive—being involved with buildings 5 stories underground to 9 stories above ground—including complicated hospitals and NASCAR stadiums.  

David Harrell

10 years—Project Superintendent who has accomplished projects throughout the US and Canada. David is a very talented project manager and personnel trainer. He works directly with many of the Licensees on complicated projects.

Pete Szuba

5 years—Equipment specialist and project superintendent.  Very focused and talented person in so many areas and a superb fabricator and welder.

Perry Frank Storey

Frank is currently our Production Supervisor and has been with the company for 8 years. Frank is retired from BellSouth and has a background with the Air National Guard where he was an accomplished aviation mechanic. Frank is our go-to guy for problem solving at the plant. He repairs our industrial sewing machines and any other complicated machinery that requires it. He can perform every aspect of the manufacturing process, has experience in field installations and for many years blended resin, packaged and palletized product for shipment.

Katherine Justice

Katherine currently handles payroll accounting, employee and plant safety as an administrative assistant and is our safety nurse. Karen has over 15 years’ experience as a nurse/nursing supervisor dealing with all areas of nursing from emergency and critical care to geriatrics and working in doctors’ offices. She also maintains our plant OSHA standards and contributes to liner production when needed.

Ruthann Roberts

7 years--Ruthann is our Master Sewing Machine Operator and Trainer and has been since 2010.  She began learning all stations and skills from bladder production to membrane patterns to sewing liners.  Now the plant is so busy her numerous sewing machines stay humming and do so well thanks to her oversight.

Rachel Pickron

16 years--Rachel is currently our Senior Fiberglass Leader and oversees all phases of liner production. She is also the  new employee trainer. Add to that, Rachel's positive attitude and sunny disposition and it adds up to the reason she is such a good leader.

Tami Luke

17 years—Tami has a medical background in nursing and has worked in multiple positions including liner pattern cutting, safety, and product inspections. 

Ryan McNeil

5 years—Ron McNeil’s son and an engineer. Ryan has worked on numerous complicated projects throughout the U.S. and is a valuable asset to the company.